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You're leaving millions in freight on the table. Here's how to change that.

Announcing Vooma Quote

Automated email quoting for carriers and brokers to get full quoting visibility and win more freight

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The opportunity in your inbox

Every day brokers and carriers leave millions of dollars of freight on the table. Why?

It’s buried in their inbox.

Most logistics leaders instinctively know the opportunity is there. Heard from a head of sales: “if you need to hit your quota, just look in your inbox”. 

But how big is the opportunity?

Most leaders can’t tell you - for good reason. It’s extremely difficult to track. Think about it.

If you're quoting hundreds of times per week and winning 3-15% of loads, would you want to build a load in your TMS for each one? Not likely. 

But there’s a huge cost to the brokerage of not having that data. Let me explain.

You need data

Imagine trying to run a sales org without being able to answer basic questions like: 

  • How many opportunities did my team see today?
  • How many did we respond to?
  • For which customers? Which lanes?
  • Where are we winning? Losing?

It’s not easy.

How do you figure out what regions you could win more freight if you had better carrier partners and rates? 

Which reps are drowning in abundance? Who is starving for opportunity? 

And how do you coach your reps? How can they identify opportunities for spot to contract conversions? How do you figure out where their process is breaking down?

Many brokers are starting to get this kind of valuable data from their API pricing or bid board automation, but are flying blind when it comes to email.

This sort of data is also critical to refining your pricing strategy. Many brokers and carriers have invested $$$ in pricing models. Are they accurate? 

These models crave data. You need to be able to understand how system generated rates are getting adjusted up or down by reps, and whether you’re winning profitable freight with your models.

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Leaving money on the table

Email quoting can be just as tough for the reps. 

If it’s a lane they know well, it’s easy and quick. But that’s not always the case. 

Quoting requires researching rates in different tools, adding your markup, and then responding. A customer issue pops up in the middle, you wait 20 minutes to get the quote out, then you’ve lost the load to someone faster on the trigger. 

Speed matters.

If it’s 10 - 15 lanes at once you’ll either not respond or bury more time researching rates to respond hours later when you’ve already lost the loads.

What could you do with full visibility?

Imagine if you could automatically and fully track all of your email quotes and win / loss, in real time with no manual work?

Imagine if your reps had a tool that instantly priced and prepared quotes?

How much more business would win? 

How much further could you go with your existing team?

That’s why we built Vooma Quote.

Enter: Vooma Quote

Vooma Quote is an email quoting visibility and automation tool for brokers and carriers to illuminate the revenue in your inbox and help you win more freight.

The Vooma Quote Email Add-In sits with you in your inbox. Hit ‘Get Quote’ or let our Email Classifier automatically identify, track and prepare quotes as soon as they hit your inbox.

Vooma’s AI extracts and structures key quote information, integrates with your pricing model or benchmarking tool, and prepares draft responses for review before firing it to the customer.

It’s built on top of the same engine that powers Vooma Build, our automated order entry assistant, so it works with emails, pdfs, spreadsheets, single quotes, multi-quotes - you name it.

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All your quotes are tracked centrally so you can analyze your data by rep, customer, lane - you decide. See what reps actually quoted and how they modified your pricing model rates.

Soon we’ll release the ability to automatically track responses and won loads so you'll get real-time, accurate  without manual work.

Then, when you win the load, you can build the order in your TMS with Vooma Build.

Want to give your sales reps super powers?

Book a consultation and product demo or reach out at to see if Vooma Quote could be a fit in your operation.